javascript day 0 : basic programming (newbie)

1. write name : “ridha” or “danjanny”

2. finding the length (how long my name?)


3. basic math

4. error : doesn’t compute!

computer only speak certain language.

5. // is a comment and is ignored by the computer

what am i learning ?

  • javascript used for make websites repond to user interaction build apps and mobiles.
  • create web interactive


Data types I & II : Number & Strings

a. numbers are quantities

b. strings

c. boolean

cheat sheet :

string => “string of text”.length

string= “word”

console.log (printing out)

will take whatever is inside the parentheses and log it to the console below your code.

console.log(“hello stranger!”);



list of comparison operators :

<= less than or equal to

>=greater than or equal to

=== equal to

!== not equal to

example :





comparison plus booleans to decide whether a block of code should run.

if (true conditions)


console.log(“you are good at math!”);


console.log(false statement)

Robot two options :

if(condition is true)


// do this code


else // “otherwise”








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